Mercedes EQS is the Most Luxurious Electric Car and it's Not Even Close...
The Mercedes EQS takes the electric car to another level.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    You thought this was luxurious...? Try this 😂 -

    • Seyed Hassan Razavi
      Seyed Hassan Razavi

      I want 1

    • grant paterson
      grant paterson

      Ugly front...looks like an old Renault Laguna...amazing car though...but that front is NOT good.

    • Mr.N Funny TV
      Mr.N Funny TV

      *Unbox* *Therapy* Can we be friend?

    • Lee Mower
      Lee Mower

      yo dude i love the music used in this vid i'm trying to get into music publishing any chance you could tell me which label you licensed it from so i can send a demo please :)

    • Team 6460 2.0 Vex Videos
      Team 6460 2.0 Vex Videos

      One of them is worth the money.

  • D Euro
    D Euro

    But you cannot drive it yet? So you just sat in a big, luxuriously comfortable, computer?! Pics on the road or it's not a car.

  • Zubz 786
    Zubz 786

    This is the best review I’ve seen of this car

  • claud rapoza
    claud rapoza

    i guess ill take one ty

  • Danny Pollock
    Danny Pollock

    I hope it's a fun car to drive.

  • Mniraihad

    am i the only one who realizes that the studio is the batcave from the dark knight?

  • Matthew Lemieux
    Matthew Lemieux

    Looks like a blob

  • DarwishEG

    Looks like a 2000s Corolla

  • REEVINFRA A pursuit for better Earth
    REEVINFRA A pursuit for better Earth

    Ultra luxury and premium.

  • K Hue
    K Hue

    Well nice car but what is the actual range ? Safety of the vehicle? I bet my money the Tycan

  • Andy

    All that tech and money and still no self driving

  • Dynasty

    This makes any Tesla look like crap. Omg R.I.P. Tesla

  • Nicolas Kowalski
    Nicolas Kowalski

    The official Cyberpunk car.

  • Diego TuX
    Diego TuX

    This is astonishing 🥲

  • Jake

    the exterior looks fuckin rank man

    • Jake

      bye merc hello toyota

  • KQP Twin
    KQP Twin

    How man hp

  • Arjun

    Looks better than the upcomming Lucid. If the Transporter : I only tuned this car for 3 Badies: but we are four Transporter: Ok let me adjust the suspension on my dasboard.

  • Stinkin Dinkins
    Stinkin Dinkins

    Inside is great . But the exterior dosnt say Mercedes.

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Interior: 😍 Exterior: 🤮💩

  • Queen David
    Queen David

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      Richard Susan

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      David Barbara

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      Michael Linda

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  • Shok Tolibov
    Shok Tolibov

    Mercedes really just changed the game if we are talking about the interior

  • Hamzah Al-Rashdan
    Hamzah Al-Rashdan

    he is doing cars now, will their be car give way ????

  • Kevin Seegers
    Kevin Seegers

    Inside cool.. outside ugly

  • Prophet4Profit

    Didn't drive it, no pricing info, just 26 minutes of drool.

  • Sir Yogi
    Sir Yogi

    whats ur net worth sport

  • BAK

    Far far far behind in real tech which if you are missing the point EV tech charging and milage. They tried to compensate their less advance tech with more show off large beautiful displays. Definitely large boot is good if you travelling with kids

  • MattMadMate

    Nah bruv it's electric I need me a good naturally aspirated v12 ain't none of that ev shit. Although ev's don't look bad like the porsche taycan or this one ore audi rs etron gt, rimac c2, Aston martin rapide e, Jaguar i-pace, Pininfarina battista anniversario they look amazing Tesla look fishes sho

  • Ima Legend
    Ima Legend

    Bruhh Even the cars now have rgb all around

  • Samuel Beauvais
    Samuel Beauvais

    he said i don't know if im smelling lol


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    • Neva morris morris
      Neva morris morris

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    • Jonathan Stephen
      Jonathan Stephen

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    • Jonathan Stephen
      Jonathan Stephen

      This is her official num

    • Christopher Adam's
      Christopher Adam's

      @Johnson Steve Her contact please🙏🙏... I'm gonna need some advice from her

    • Johnson Steve
      Johnson Steve

      @Mike Anthony Yes of course...

  • SW

    The front of that thing looks like Honda Odyssey minivan. Lol In 5 years that thing will be junk and half of the features will be nonfunctional. It is Mercedes after all.


    As a German I would say, nice first try, and I hope BMW, Audi, Benz and especially VW will finally step up their Electric Car Game, I think we waited 2 Years to long. Now let's see what they can archive, they have the Money, they have the Production Capacity, and finally the needed legislation in place to ensure a reasonable ROI outlook. If they are able to fix the Software Issues looks/features, they are in a good position. I predict in 5 Years from now the EV Race will be decided, and most of the small Start Ups will be gone from the Mass Market. To compete with established Car Producers, they would need to release new Models in a astonishing short amount of Times, one Model (S ^^) for 10 Years will not be enough. Greetings

  • Islam Dueren
    Islam Dueren

    I liked it. I want to order 3 please

  • Scott MacNab
    Scott MacNab

    10 years later, 500 error codes and nothing works, just sold for scrap.

  • Ban Nsabin
    Ban Nsabin

    "Prototype is easy to make, production is hard" Elon Musk

  • Tarjei Aarebrot
    Tarjei Aarebrot

    This will be a best-selling car in norway😆

  • Familie Kleinebeer
    Familie Kleinebeer

    How much did Mercedes paid you👐🏻


    1 of 1 cars are getting really naked at the studio😎

  • Cian Jones
    Cian Jones

    When's the model s plaid arriving?

  • Nico Cruz
    Nico Cruz

    Lew, as long as you don't talk to women that way "WHAT, WE GONNA HAVE A LIL SESSION?! A RELAXING SESSION!" LMAO, excellent video!

  • Isa Ankka
    Isa Ankka

    i cant look at this UI, it ruins everything :( .....

  • Kimi . ch
    Kimi . ch


  • CarnorJast1138

    Ok, it has a fantastic interior, but why does it look like a Honda?

  • Dominic Grogan
    Dominic Grogan

    I’ll be the first to say. It is ugly

  • Italo Torres
    Italo Torres

    Next thing you know they're unboxing a house

  • Alnaser Ameer
    Alnaser Ameer

    Did I miss the range of this car?

  • Ethanielas Bostai
    Ethanielas Bostai

    13:30 "bolster me... yes"😂😂

  • Hörfunk Live - Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
    Hörfunk Live - Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

    Best Car

  • Brandon Sohl
    Brandon Sohl

    Crazy that a guy that started out unboxing things is now reviewing cars like these. Hard work pays off bois

  • Harry Vivian
    Harry Vivian

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      Jaime Gutiérrez

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      Thomas Stones

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      Matthew Bland

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  • killerbatman831

    I just ordered mine yesterday I am so excited to try it out.😊

  • Samer Al Alam
    Samer Al Alam

    The car is ugly

  • ManagerOfKisses

    Man thats going to be permanently parked at the Mercedes service center LOL

  • Geffá Oliveira
    Geffá Oliveira

    This is the most beautiful luxury car I've ever seen to be honest

  • U. Wünschel
    U. Wünschel

    Love Mercedes 👌🏾

  • B Torun
    B Torun

    Makes the Tesla feel like digestive biscuits

  • Sadik K
    Sadik K

    Covid friendly

  • Max R
    Max R

    Beautiful interior and details but the form is a bit off to me. But very cool regardless

  • Joseph V.
    Joseph V.


  • Kornél

    I cannot value this interior. Full of with displays, and LED lights. It looks like a X-MAS tree. Soon all cars interiors will look alike. Same happened with phones.

  • Jose

    Telcoin, VeChain ETH 🤯🔑🌎

  • Being positive is the key to success.
    Being positive is the key to success.

    Why why oh why are Germans amazing and thoughtful in automotive tech love it 👍🏼👊🏼 they always Excell in all areas. Mind you they are also amazing in engineering and anything they do. ❤️

  • sambo dutch
    sambo dutch

    And then a drunk runs in to you at a set of lights.

  • Angry Albert Einstein
    Angry Albert Einstein

    Lovely interior. Questionable exterior.

  • Conner Jay
    Conner Jay

    This dude is a genuine reminder that anyone can become a UZmatchr with consistency and mediocre content. His commentary adds nothing to this video.

  • Johnathan's World
    Johnathan's World

    I’ve been watching your channel for years now and I’ve been noticing your reactions are not real anymore. I think your approach to reviews needs to be adjusted. You can tell everyone ahead of time that you saw the car ahead of time before filming and your giving your thoughts on it. Sorry dude, don’t mean to sound rude or anything, just being honest.

  • Concerned Indian
    Concerned Indian

    Sorry it's ugly

  • fan

    the best or nothing!!!

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Can't wait to see these in a Florida used car lot in the hood, that's when we'll know that we are ready for flying cars

  • TheJavilinos

    Imagine smoking pot in there. You find yourself, indeed.,

  • Chris S.
    Chris S.

    5:49 you see those little bits of wire in the mercedes logo? Thats probably radar integrated into the molding of the logo for adaptive cruise control.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Schönes Auto um Sauerkraut einkaufen zu fahren.

  • Mike Kantor
    Mike Kantor


  • Soft Metals
    Soft Metals

    I knew I was holding this bitcoin for something cant wait

  • John McDonald
    John McDonald

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  • Soft Metals
    Soft Metals

    Imagine the bill when this thing gets hit

  • Phil

    my god it's ugly.

  • P B
    P B

    Most of the range is wasted by in-car gadgets and gizmos

    • P B
      P B

      Incredible amount of storage though

  • HereForLaughs

    We got a regular unbox demuro over here

  • Nizzy On Da Blizzy
    Nizzy On Da Blizzy

    holy shit yo the background music fuckin SUCKS

  • OfficialEpic222

    Is it a requirement for all EV’s to be absolutely atrocious on the exterior or? I mean don’t get me wrong it’s SUPER nice, just very ugly. Just like most EV’s, with the exception of the Rivian pickup.

  • Giannis

    make cars simplier

  • augm3nt

    Damm this really makes a Tesla look like a checked shirt !!

  • BikoTheAnimator

    I don't like mercedes, bmw, or electric cars. No thanks.

  • nexius lain
    nexius lain

    is not mersedes xD MERZC!!EDES

  • Mark Carrasca
    Mark Carrasca

    The car is so great the camera man doesn't know where to look.

  • Heartcore

    Schönes Auto um Sauerkraut einkaufen zu fahren.

  • Jimmy Smoke stacks
    Jimmy Smoke stacks

    All these gadgets in 10 years time we will loose the ability to communicate through speech

  • Matt Hart
    Matt Hart

    IDK a lot of these features are already on maybacs and premium mbenz. They just made it ev. Why did it take so long?

  • Audio Universe
    Audio Universe

    Beautiful and everything but still doesn’t fly.

  • FiletMignon

    The front looks like an old honda civic tho

  • neithan K
    neithan K

    Its luxurious Like tesla

  • Mert Gül
    Mert Gül

    I would buy an Alfaromeo

  • travellj

    I want to see Apple Play user interface in this car.

  • Tre Battle
    Tre Battle

    It’s awesome. Hopefully they’ll be able to mass produce it with all the same details

  • Nutak Aizmirsti
    Nutak Aizmirsti

    All car is just big dirty fatty fingerprint magnet :D

  • Dhruv Tomar
    Dhruv Tomar


  • Josh Mike
    Josh Mike

    Ok but why’d they have to make it look so fucking ugly from the outside? Shit looks like a Prius on weight watchers

  • Ty Carter
    Ty Carter

    Im envious! I would love to own this!


    Wow amazing!

  • Riyan Thomas
    Riyan Thomas

    Your car review sucks